NAVA is a forward-thinking architecture and real estate development company, combining imaginative design with astute investing and development management. Our mission is to create innovative designs that are particular to their local conditions to enhance the value of the finished project.



NAVA represents a new brand of real estate development where design aesthetics, innovative technology, and a passion for real estate investing are combined. With a commitment to sustainability and the creation of bespoke environments, the NAVA brand offers an unmatched experience for owners and investors.



NAVA Arc is the creative anchor of the company dedicated to visualizing and detailing the built form. This team, along with our accomplished consultants, is fundamentally involved from the earliest phases of any opportunity to comprehensively evaluate the development potential. Through each phase of a project, we employ our full range of in-house design services to maintain quality, manage budgets, and control schedules while creating an unparalleled architectural environment. The integral involvement of NAVA Arc as design architects builds and protects our brand and investments.



NAVA Dev is the real estate resource for the company. The depth of knowledge and familiarity with all aspects of the development process provides a distinct advantage in identifying and generating investment value while delivering the highest quality product. With decades of hands on experience, we bring the confidence and skills necessary to deliver our projects in an uncompromising manner. The long standing relationships established with all building trades and suppliers enables us to further control costs, construction schedules and quality; ultimately reducing investor risk and maximizing asset value.